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The Vision and Mission of Solutions & Results LLC

Our vision at Solutions & Results LLC of Washington, DC is to provide solutions and support to individuals, couples, groups, and organizations. It is our mission is to proactively deliver specific and usable solutions that provide optimal results and increase energy and value. To guide others to make the choices that are in harmony with who they are and want to become by being a source of life, compassion, passion, and balance.

Solutions & Results LLC’s purpose in the community is to be a continued presence influencing a world where long-term committed relationships are the norm and not just the exception, and where systems from individuals, groups, organizations, and beyond consistently work toward actualizing potential.

Our Purpose

  • Psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and groups

  • Systems oriented groups which are offered for those interested in long term intensive personal growth and development. We will explore the motivations and obstacles that keep people from taking up their own authority

  • Relationship development groups for youth or adults that are eager to learn about the realities of intimacy

  • Working with individuals in transition: moving up to a new and challenging position, entering life changes, between relationships, or looking to find yourself again

  • Work with couples wanting to relight the candle of intimacy

Solutions & Results LLC's Services

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