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Growth Training for Consultants, Managers, and More

Since 2009, Solutions & Results LLC of Washington, DC has been offering professional growth training services that teach you how to apply systems thinking to individuals, couples, groups, organizations and communities. Training is open to everyone.

Continuing Education for Psychologists

Systems-Centered Training

Experiential Groups

I. SCT skills training

II. SCT experiential group

  • From a systems perspective, learn about the dynamics of individuals, groups and organizations

  • Learn how to recognize and integrate differences rather than scapegoating on ignoring them (functional subgrouping)

  • Discover a technique that teaches you to examine your emotions and conflicts rather than acting out (fork-in-the-road)

  • Identify behavior patterns that prevent growth

Systems-Centered Training Objectives

Time: To Be Announced. Please call for the available dates: 202-412-0253.


Location: 1426 at 21st and P Street NW Washington, DC 20036 or 1330 Drexel Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33130, and Surfcomber 1717 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139



Trainer: Robert Hartford, LICSW Licensed SCT* Practitioner


For more information, call us today at - 202-412-0253.

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Growth training
Training Training

You can come to the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute, Inc. for continuing education as a psychologist. SCTRI has been approved by the American Psychological Association as well as the NASW Metro chapter and is responsible for the program and its content.

Systems-centered practice is a theory-driven approach which is defined as a way to encourage change in groups, individuals, couples, communities, etc. SCT’s goal is to have you look at the big picture rather than just the role you play.


By viewing the world from this perspective, you'll improve your emotional intelligence and will be encouraged to aid people who are suffering.

Using the methods and techniques of systems-centered practice, you’ll work to build a system centered group with the other participants. Through this exercise, you’ll discover how the system we live in can influence and define who we come to be.

Systems-Centered Training Format

Systems-Centered Training Details


Training is available in Washington, DC and Miami Beach, FL. Call:



or send a message to: